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2RU2RA – SS 2018
2RU2RA - SS 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new 2RU2RA SS18 collection “KIDS WITH AN ATTITUDE” 2RU2RA, a much-loved brand from Lithuania, continues its progressive and witty tradition in yet another collection for kids. Known for its printed anatomical and animalistic designs, this time 2RU2RA comes back with a dose of minimalism, colored in black, white and red and […]

2RU2RA – AW 2017
2RU2RA - AW 2017

2RU2RA – a conceptual fashion brand that treats clothing as an empty sheet to draw their ideas on. 2RU2RA communicates to same-minded individuals through drawings by encoding messages with symbols, ideas or scripts in their designs. Known for its specific pencil drawings transfered on fabrics by silkography 2RU2RA embodies more then clothing – it is […]