RHUBARB REPUBLIK is a Brand Agency that creates social platforms between conceptual children brands and conceptual retailers all over the world. RHUBARB REPUBLIK partners with open minded organizations and brands looking to create remarkable communication and creative projects that are edgy, original and create emotional connections between people, movements and brands.

RHUBARB REPUBLIK’s mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives through timely introduction of meaningful and conceptual innovations. RHUBARB REPUBLIK strives to bring sense and simplicity to people and by doing so, RHUBARB REPUBLIK aims to represent ecological, organic and ethical brands that increasingly embrace every aspect of our daily lives. RHUBARB REPUBLIK searches for products worldwide and wants to be known for style, taste, discernment, strict editing, and product mix.

Rhubarb Republik Head Office
Brunastadir 52
112 Reykjavik
T: +3547784440
E: info@rhubarbrepublik.com