nununu’s spring summer 2022 is on the go and the time has come to introduce you to our new and exciting collection dedicated to what we believe is a common ground and love that we all share – the love of art in all its forms! this season’s theme: “nununu for the arts” is dedicated […]

mói – SS2022
mói - SS2022

JOIN THE CIRCUS – SS2022 Probably every child in the world wonders. Wonders at some point on how the magical world of the circus comes to life. Can we be a part of it or do you need a special power, even superpower to join. Historically people did run away to join the circus in […]

Carbon Soldier – SS 2021
Carbon Soldier - SS 2021

With our borders closed in these uncertain times, and unable to travel to visit fabric suppliers and manufacturers, this collection by necessity became homegrown. We are forever grateful for the support of our fabulous longtime colleagues in China, who have gone above and beyond to help us make this collection happen. Predominant hues of natural […]

NUNUNU SS 2021 – The Warrior
NUNUNU SS 2021 - The Warrior

Our SS21 collection’s main theme was inevitably inspired by THE sign of times – and what may be the most sought-after piece of the season – the face cover! This must-have accessory is now worn in every country and has become the new norm… and although it separates us from each other –  in a […]

Little Man Happy – SS 2021
Little Man Happy - SS 2021

The lights go out, the excitement is immediate. Here and there a final rustle, a giggle. Then it gets quiet, and a spotlight comes on, just one… focusing all your senses on what’s to come. The drums start, first softly, then louder. You have already guessed, thought and heard from fantastic stories what can happen […]

mói – SS 2021
mói - SS 2021

In the land of the midnight sun and endless days, the Imaginary Jungle and wilderness is a source of inspiration. The new SS2021 collection, from the Icelandic kids fashion brand mói, brings a variety of new prints and colors never been seen before apart from the Raven print which is back yet with a new […]

Carbon Soldier – AW2020
Carbon Soldier - AW2020

Carbon Soldier just launched their new AW 2020 collection; 1564. Carbon Soldier’s AW20 collection, takes inspiration from visiting Pop-Up Globe, a world’s first full scale replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in their home city of Auckland, New Zealand. Whimsical detailing in luxurious faux fur, washable wool blends, lush quilted velvets and premium quality knits combine […]

mói – AW2020
mói - AW2020

Surrounded by the dark winters in the north, mói embraces its origin by casting a brighter view on the strains of the season. Nordic Frames, the new 2020 Autumn Winter collection enters bold details away from the brands origin with new prints and colors. The new prints and styles include frames, strings, cubes and greyish […]