Wolf&Rita – SS 2020
Wolf&Rita - SS 2020

Wolf&Rita just launched their SS2020 collection called; ENCORE (for Variações). António Variações is one of the greatest icons in Portuguese Pop music. Working as a barber in Lisbon, after having lived in London and Amsterdam, his visual eccentricity and individuality stood out in a dull, grey 1970’s Lisbon. His music, as his extravagant and avant-garde […]

Loud Apparel – SS 2020
Loud Apparel - SS 2020

“Play is a primary, way that we learn to understand and experience the world around us. The simple act of free, self-initiated play helps unlock a child’s innate creativity, imagination, interests and talents.” “It helps children to uncover who they are, and imparts invaluable skills they will need to possess in the uncertain future they […]

NUNUNU – SS 2020
NUNUNU - SS 2020

NUNUNU just launched their SS2020 collection, 101 DESIGN. So, you know how NUNUNU has always been all about the basics? With all our raw edges, simplified graphic prints and exploration of raw forms and shapes? Well, this season’s theme takes it up a notch and is literally as basic as it gets in terms of […]

Little Man Happy – SS 2020
Little Man Happy - SS 2020

A place that is known to be the driest in the world, that sleeps for years, simple and endless in its vastness. Walk for miles and pass no life. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind burns hot, the ground flickers. But there it is, hidden under your feet, ready to explode in a […]

OrganicZoo – SS 2019
OrganicZoo - SS 2019

Organic zoo introduces first ever spring/summer collection that launches on 15th March 2019. When life gives you lemons…is a celebration of simplicity and small moments of long summer days. Letʼs play, soak up the warmth, reconnect. Letʼs make beautiful memories and lots of lemonade. This amazing and limited collection is only available in one drop. […]

Loud Apparel – AW 2019
Loud Apparel - AW 2019

America in the 70s and early 80s: nostalgia for those progressive times before the internet, when countless trends from chart-topping pop music to Space Invaders were world-wide leading cultural forces and the trend of the bowling league soared across the Country. BOWLARAMA, the new AW19.20 collection presented by LOUD Apparel, pays homage to the great […]

Motoreta – AW 2019
Motoreta - AW 2019

Wanderlust. Def. The wish to travel far away and to many different places. Take your backpack it’s time to explore the world. Listen to that inner voice that is telling you to get outside and to live new adventures. Discover unknown places in your neighborhood, or get to know new people from different cultures. Start […]

Wolf&Rita – AW 2019
Wolf&Rita - AW 2019

Wolf&Rita just released their AW 2019 collection called Divino Maravilhoso. Brazil, 1967.
A few singers, writers, artists, and thinkers used music and art to oppose the political, economical and also aesthetic and moral authoritarianism and conservatism prevalent in the country. This short-lived movement was to be called Tropicália. With its irreverence, Tropicália transformed the reigning criteria […]