Organic Zoo – 2020
Organic Zoo - 2020

  Organic Zoo just launched their 2020 collection, Dance with the Universe. New for Autumn, Organic Zoo has just announced a collaboration with local Brighton artist, James Wilson for an exciting and exclusive collection of limited edition art inspired sweaters, comprising of 4 unique, abstract designs. The organic shapes used in James Wilson’s art matched […]

Motoreta – SS 2020
Motoreta - SS 2020

Barefooted excited toes wiggling rubbing sand grains the warm breeze the sand prickles up my legs walking…awkwardly the rolling sand broken and made by my steps fresh salt air everywhere running, unabashedly sprinting shouting jumping splashing and i’m in the light reflecting a broken mirror of water twinkling brighter than starlight all around me squinting […]

Mói – SS 2020
Mói - SS 2020

In psychology, identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks or expressions that make a person. For the Spring Summer 2020 mói has launched a new collection that celebrates the idea that children are free to be who they are and are free to create their own identity. The new Spring Summer 2020 collection embraces the brands strong links […]

Carbon Soldier – SS 2020
Carbon Soldier - SS 2020

Carbon Soldier just launched their SS 2020 collection. On the far north tip of New Zealand, sits a coastal haven surrounded by ocean. Within a rustic shed, piled on a flotilla of tiny craft, sits a mountain of zig zag stitched beige sails, and a rainbow of pink and orange rope. Life jackets and buoys […]

Wolf&Rita – SS 2020
Wolf&Rita - SS 2020

Wolf&Rita just launched their SS2020 collection called; ENCORE (for Variações). António Variações is one of the greatest icons in Portuguese Pop music. Working as a barber in Lisbon, after having lived in London and Amsterdam, his visual eccentricity and individuality stood out in a dull, grey 1970’s Lisbon. His music, as his extravagant and avant-garde […]

Loud Apparel – SS 2020
Loud Apparel - SS 2020

“Play is a primary, way that we learn to understand and experience the world around us. The simple act of free, self-initiated play helps unlock a child’s innate creativity, imagination, interests and talents.” “It helps children to uncover who they are, and imparts invaluable skills they will need to possess in the uncertain future they […]

NUNUNU – SS 2020
NUNUNU - SS 2020

NUNUNU just launched their SS2020 collection, 101 DESIGN. So, you know how NUNUNU has always been all about the basics? With all our raw edges, simplified graphic prints and exploration of raw forms and shapes? Well, this season’s theme takes it up a notch and is literally as basic as it gets in terms of […]

Little Man Happy – SS 2020
Little Man Happy - SS 2020

A place that is known to be the driest in the world, that sleeps for years, simple and endless in its vastness. Walk for miles and pass no life. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind burns hot, the ground flickers. But there it is, hidden under your feet, ready to explode in a […]