Loud Apparel – SS 2020

“Play is a primary, way that we learn to understand and experience the world around us. The simple act of free, self-initiated play helps unlock a child’s innate creativity, imagination, interests and talents.”

“It helps children to uncover who they are, and imparts invaluable skills they will need to possess in the uncertain future they will face tomorrow.” Cit. Sir Ken Robinson.

With this statement in mind this season LOUD focuses the attention into the development of the child, our future and the planet’s and how to help them to build up the foundations for creativity, express feelings, communicate, and experiment with reality.

CHASE, HIDE, JUMP, DANCE, RUN, be FREE and have lots and lots of FUN!!

For the SS20 collection we are on the set of the funfair playground, the pleasure ground loved by all our children. Rides, games, shows are translated into the iconic characteristic of the brand with bold graphics, quirky and fun elements at the core of the collection.

Black and white monochromes, a hint of golf green, true blue, polka dots overall prints, embroideries and a selection of denim pieces all shaped and designed with fun and exciting details.

For more information please get in touch by e-mail at info@rhubarbrepublik.com