Wolf&Rita – SS 2020

Wolf&Rita just launched their SS2020 collection called; ENCORE (for Variações).

António Variações is one of the greatest icons in Portuguese Pop music. Working as a barber in Lisbon, after having lived in London and Amsterdam, his visual eccentricity and individuality stood out in a dull, grey 1970’s Lisbon. His music, as his extravagant and avant-garde persona and looks, were radical and challenging at the time but would leave a lasting impact on both the music and cultural scene.

Born António Ribeiro, Variações (variations) chose his name because it suggests elasticity and freedom. In his words, that is what he was and what he did. His music was not limited to a single genre — he combined both traditional Portuguese rhythms and folk music with punk, rock and jazz styles — and Variações was in so many ways a truly groundbreaking artist.

Despite his life and career being too short (1944 – 1984), his songs have inspired and go on inspiring several generations of Portuguese artists.

Our Spring-Summer 2020 collection is our way of paying homage to this innovative and maverick artist, whose life and art are an example to us all. We researched and browsed his estate, his written biographies, and photographs of his belongings, his collections and outfits. And we listened to a lot of music. His major legacy, which we hope all kids learn? Be true to yourself and don’t fear difference.

The collection will be available in stores end of January 2020 and images can be used in social media from January 10th.

For more information please get in touch by e-mail, info@rhubarbrepublik.com