How can my store become a frequent buyer of brands at Rhubarb Republik?
To become a frequent buyer at Rhubarb Republik, all you need is to fill out the “Contact us” form. If your profile fits the requirements Rhubarb Republik will give you a full access to our ordering system and representing brand selection.

Can just anyone buy from Rhubarb Republik?
No, Rhubarb Republik operations are only aimed at providing the retail sector and other business 2 business operations with the brands which the firm represents.

How does Rhubarb Republik select brands to represent?
Rhubarb Republik has an extensive selection-criterion that is used as a guideline to select which brands the firm wants to represent and promote to the relevant retail sector. If you have a brand that you think might be perfect for Rhubarb Republik please send us your profile at info@rhubarbrepublik.com.

How do I gain access to your site?
If you are representing a retailer anywhere in the world you can gain access to our site by filling out the “Contact us” form. For further details you can contact us at info@rhubarbrepublik.com.