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Zebra I can See – SS 2018
Zebra I can See - SS 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new Zebra I can See SS18 collection “Magic Truth” To be honest, it took time and experience to disclose the real meaning of Zebra and realize it’s hidden in collaboration with our customers – children. Lately we had few painting sessions with children at green school of Waldorf.  We observed, collected […]

Zebra I can see – AW 2017
Zebra I can see - AW 2017

Hip hip hurray! New Zebra I can see collection says hi! from the peak of the mountain. Oh boy, this collection is like a whole lifetime journey. A childish punk. We‘ve said goodbye to the past and started a big climb to our personal Everest. We went through pink love, drumming music, had crazy memories […]

Zebra I Can See – SS 2017
Zebra I Can See - SS 2017

Rhubarb Reðublik is honoured to introduce a new brand Zebra I Can See and their new collection for SS 2017. Zebra I Can See – as fresh as a handpicked lemon fashion brand for kids with unstoppable imagination. These kids see zebras, crocodiles and people from the moon in most boring situations, where rational and […]