FAFU – Creative & Educational Solutions for Children

Fafu is a mommy run business, founded in 2009 by two mothers, Thorunn and Hulda. FAFU makes creative and educational solutions for children.

Being a parent these days is a complicated and information becoming more accessible has made Thorunn and Hulda more aware. Most of us wonder about what is safe or good and how to be certain. How much time on the computer is too much? Am I feeding toxins to my children? So, they, like many parents, felt the pressure and wondered about what they should do.

Back in 2008 they found themselves driven by two main ideas to change the world. First of all they wanted to do business in a new and better way than had ever been done before. Secondly they wanted to improve children’s lives in all aspects of our work. It was to be the perfect company!

After some very busy months of working without pay they founded Fafu in June 2009. By then they realized that running a perfect all-good company was quite ambitious. It was clear that it would be a process of improvements but they where well on their way and they believed they will get there, one step at a time.  

They want to improve the world children live in. They want to empower their voice and help them to find their way. 

One of the main goals of Fafu is to do good work that constantly improves and hopefully makes the world a little bit better at the same time. All of the products are made by people they trust and are known to be honest and hard working. They use different certifications to be sure of that, but they know that is not enough. The key to a well run all-good company is transparency.

FAFU is now working on a system that will help their customers understand what happens when a product is made. How does it affect the environment? Who makes the product and is that person affected in a bad way? Can I help in any way? The goal is to help the consumers understand all this so they can trust that they are truly doing their best to make a better product with greater value for everyone. 

FAFU is open to any criticism anyone might have or even great ideas! The best way for FAFU to improve and make better products is to work closely with parents with the experience and knowledge that accumulates when they help their children find their way.

FAFU is now available to the Scandinavian retail sector and for more information please contact us at info@rhubarbrepublik.com