FAFU Playing in Real Life (VIDEO)

FAFU makes creative learning tools that help children develop their innovative thinking and social skills through performance and storytelling. The perfect example can be seen by clicking the image above.

Most educational philosophies followed by Western European kindergartens and schools acknowledge the importance of using creative and open toys to support children’s development. Whilst constructional toys have proven to be successful in developing logical skills, there have been fewer products available that develop other types of intelligences, such as communication and social skills.

FAFU´s inspiration is to support the development of other intelligences, such as social intelligence, self awareness, body awareness and musical talents. We believe that supporting the development of those important human factors will increase children’s happiness and give them a better foundation for their future knowledge search.

Our product development is based on a close collaboration with teachers (kindergarden, nursery and primary) who work with children every day and have a deep knowledge of their needs and their reactions to different stimuli. This both applies to the development and testing of our products, thus ensuring we only make products that are really useful for our customers.

FAFU‘s ethos is based on a strict environmental and social policy. All of the materials and production methods we use are organic (or natural) and Fair Trade certified (or fairly traded when the Fair Trade certification does not apply), but without compromising on quality.

Contact us at info@rhubarbrepublik.com for further details on FAFU.