Goddess of Flowers

This is a third season for the highly acclaimed new brand that made a remarkable debut to the industry’s accolades and continues to capture hearts of hard to please budding style mavens and their parents with its refined taste and spot on mix of a unique style and age appropriate designs. This spring Olivia & Ollie will take us to Italy, the birth place of Renaissance and home to one of the most popular, written about and controversial  paintings in Western art – Primavera, also known as Allegory of Spring by Sandro Botticceli.

Primavera celebrates the arrival of spring with Venus, Goddess of Love presiding over the lush growth of mythological garden strewn with fruits and flowers. Enigmatic figures in graceful poses clad in translucent, cascading gowns join hands in a dance, while flower – crowned Flora, Goddess of Flowers and Spring, is scattering flowers, collected in the folds of her gown. Mesmerized by the serene beauty of the painting, flowy lines and airy drapes of nymphs’ garments, light drenched flowers and rich floral pattern of Flora’s dress, Alexia Panza, Designer of Olivia & Ollie created an ode to Spring, a breathtaking collection for the little Goddesses.

Airy ombre silk and chiffon, translucent ruched netting, delicate lace and iridescent shimmery sashes, sprinkled with Swarovski crystals echo ethereal drapery of Primavera maidens. Stupefying array of Primavera flowers seems to descend on Olivia & Ollie collection. The luxuriant cabbage roses bloom on leggings, metallic jacquard and chiffon flowers blossom on strappy romper, fragile orchids cover swimsuits, delicate daisies are scattered over mesh and rosette romper. Central piece, stunning jersey maxi dress, festooned with garlands of hand-sewn multicolored blossoms is reminiscent of richly adorned dress of Botticelli’s Goddess Flora.

Designer’s fascination with the incredible display of flowers and fruits glowing against the lush vegetation background produced mauve and chartreuse yarn dyed denim pants with gleaming exposed zippers.

An unexpected twist ripples through the serene surface of flowy silhouettes and whispery fabrics. Humorous streak, dash of naughtiness and sparkles of 70-s disco turn the Primavera’s solemn mystery into a charming, whimsical world of giggly girls. Strong statement pieces and attention grabbing fabrics balance out delicate, flowy garments. Short chambray dresses, metallic jacquard pants, shimmery metallic shorts, purple jumpsuit with bejeweled collar and light cardigan dusted with constellations of tiny twinkling stars bring back the mischievous, eccentric spirit of dazzling 70-s.

To help little goddesses and glitzy disco divas hone their style Olivia & Ollie added a line of bold accessories perfect for easy mixing with both delicate and strong pieces. Glittery and chain woven belts adorned with shimmery metallic flowers, bejeweled sandals exploding with fireworks of sparkling crystals and gleaming with juicy red cherries will pack a punch to any outfit.

Mystery and charm, dress up and giggles, imagination and creativity, shimmer and sparkles, softness and delicate spring breeze dream up Olivia and Ollie’s Primavera collection.

The LIV SS13 collection is available in sizes two to fourteen. Prices start at 14 GBP to 38 GBP.

For more details please contact us at info@rhubarbrepublik.com.