Introducing nosweet

Rhubarb Republik introduces a new brand; nosweet.

nosweet is a Polish brand created by mothers.
nosweet designs and tailors clothes for children aged 2 -10, standard sizes stretching from 92 to 140 cm. nosweet was bearing in mind children’s comfort and safety when creating the brand. Both fabrics, which are made of organic cotton certified by GOTS, and printed designs will not irritate even the most sensitive skin of a child.

Each and every collection prepared by nosweet can be characterized by one word – simplicity. Children feel comfortable while wearing the clothes which do not hamper their movements, while inside labels made of high quality cotton do not graze their skin. Parents will be allured by the interesting design – we propose bold but not conspicuous patters and details which simply make you want them.

The most important idea that nosweet followed while designing the brand was the possibility to mix elements of the collection as… everything matches! Another characteristic of nosweet is that the clothes may accompany the children 24 hours a day – it is the child that decides what s/he wants to wear – call it underwear, pyjamas or daily clothes. nosweet offers parents indispensable sets – perfect during daytime and night.

nosweet will unveil two collections a year – first near spring and second near autumn. Each and every collection will be complement and follow up the previous one. But ofcourse every next collection will have new interesting patterns and designs.

We have open sales period so feel free to contact Rhubarb Republik for more details by e-mail at