Retailer of the Month

Retailer of the Month is Unique Plus from the United States of America who just added Adri, Bergstein, Beibamboo, Shampoodle, Pili Pala, Mina, Jumina, Hucklebones and OrganicZoo to their fantastic selection of brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Lily Chiang from Unique Plus and asked her to introduce herself and her shop.

Who are you: Lily Chiang
Where do you live: Kirkland (WA) USA.
Age: Do not have a clue.

What happened:
I am a mother,  teacher, and founder of a children’s boutique located in the United States. I have a joyful son, Evan, and a compassionate daughter, Ally. Ally suffered from eczema since she was born. It was not easy to find effective treatments that could sooth her sore, itchy skin. Times grew more challenging when Evan was born with heart disease. The hospital became my second home as I went to support my son. When I went to see him, I also saw many young children, some only three years old, who were going through chemotherapy or could barely sit up straight. Many of these cancers and illnesses are caused by the pollution that is continuously being introduced to our Earth. This is was one of my biggest motivations to open up Unique Plus. It is my goal to provide consumers with the tools to live healthy lifestyles by allowing them to choose from organic, non-toxic, and BPA-free products. This will not only improve the health of children, but it will also help keep our planet free from toxic chemicals and create a cleaner environment to protect the health of future generations. I used natural remedies to help cure my children, and they worked just as well as any other antibiotic. Today, both of my children are enjoying life to the fullest and I am so thankful for that. This has inspired me to lend a hand to others to promote both physical and emotional well-being. When we all work together and maintain a positive outlook toward life, great things can be done, and that is what I promote through my business every day. When I see my customers leave my store with a smile, their joy ignites my motivation to continue to provide them with only the most natural products and pure consideration.


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