Retailer of the Month – Loja Dada

Retailer of the Month is Loja Dada from Portugal, who will soon add Nununu and MOI to their fantastic selection of brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Daniela and asked her to introduce her and the shop.

Who are you: My name is Daniela and I am the founder and co-owner of the international online boutique Loja Dada.

Where are you from: I am from Vienna/Austria but moved to Portugal as a grown-up (as I have portuguese origins and i love living by the seasise) and I now live in Lisbon with my husband and my lovely daughter (little M.). I work in IT, but during my pregnancy (a classical story) and as I love to do online shopping, I started to get interested in kids online stores and one day I felt I could have my own for the Portuguese market. My concept was to offer an alternative to the somehow boring, traditional clothes I saw at local shops, either too squared and lacy or too bright and big prints on the other side. Moreover I wanted to offer ethical clothes: made from organic cotton, fairtrade, from small brands that belonged to other mothers like me.

What happened after: I started to investigate brands I liked and put up the store. I took me a bit longer than I  had thought initially, and at first it was kind of hard to contact the brands and convince them to let me sell them on my shop. But then, slowly, all took a certain form of dynamic and things started to work out really well. Along the way, I changed my target market from Portugal to worldwide, and in fact, nowadays Loja Dada sells to countries all over the world. I have 2 collaborators that help me with logistics and paperwork. Let me tell you: having an online shop is much more work than it looks like, but it is also great fun. I love talking to people, my customers, bloggers, friends, I love taking pictures of the clothes, I love searching and finding new brands and I also love shopping at other online shops.

Things I sell at my shop: clothes for kids 0-6, that are either colorful and organic (preferably), or dark and black and gray and also organic. Clothes should be comfortable, too, and kids should like them!

I hope Loja Dada will continue growing with me!

Soon, I plan to add some new brands from Rhubarb Republik to my shop: NUNUNU from Israel, and MOI.


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