Retailer of the Month

Retailer of the Month is SiniOnni in Holland who just added FAFU, Pili Pala and Mina to her fantastic selection of brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Anne from SiniOnni and asked her to introduce herself and SiniOnni.

Who are you: Anne Myyrylainen
Where are you from: Helsinki, Finland
Where do you live: Amsterdam, Holland.
Age: Age is of no importance, unless you’re a cheese.

What happened:
What happened was, that I sat down on a bench one sunny afternoon thinking about life and work.

I just finished a boring project and I was really in need for some fun. So I started thinking, what if I would be my own client, define an assignment and start a new project? “Hmm..i absolutely like internet, children, fairytales, the color blue and I really don’t like shops who use terms such as ‘must haves’ and buy now or regret it later”. I’m also not a big fan of stuff with no imagination.

So the assignment I gave to myself was to create a friendly virtual store with cool, unusual kids stuff and fashion with an edge.

So the project ‘Sinionni’ started and after a while it became a real company. The name SiniOnni is Finnish for blue happiness and for us blue happiness means fun, confidence, communication and creativity. Our core values and the basic elements we use every day in everything we do.

So welcome to our blue funny world, our main goal is to give you a little bit of blue happiness and a great service. And the stuff?..Uh ..well, we buy things that we adore, and we are almost certain you will like them too.