The Spell of Dinosaurs

Alexia Panza, the young designer of Tom & Drew Boys, has always been fascinated by the spell that dinosaurs cast over generation after generation of boys. Dinosaurs may be long extinct, but they are the building blocks of every boy’s imagination. Figurines turn into books, books into video games, and though all little boys must grow up, their warmest memories of childhood always include dinosaurs.

The Tom & Drew Boys FW12 collection focuses on the building blocks of boys’ style… the timeless basics with a sweet, nostalgic feel. The brand has reinforced and perfected their fabric selection, key pieces, and color palettes. As usual, they have paid special attention to their signature trims, details, and accessories. The warm coziness of the dog bone toggle cable sweater, the lush sheen of the velvet brocade-embroidered loafers and a fun glow-in-the-dark dinosaur tee evoke sweet memories of cuddly story time in front of the fireplace. Reminiscent of a time when those mysterious creatures with their glowing eyes came to life, gazing at us from the dark corners of the room.

Tom & Drew’s Fall collection takes inspiration from the luscious greens and earthy browns of prehistoric Earth, sprinkled with the jewel-like tones of illustrated dinosaurs from children’s books. Tom & Drew has moved away from last season’s colorful seersucker designs, setting their sights on soft wools, tartans, and silks.

The designer has turned to warm, soothing (yet brilliantly vibrant) colors and fabrics for this collection. Camel tones, cashmere wools, herringbone pants, tweed blazers, silk bow ties, and striking cable knits come together to perfectly suit the budding style of a little gentleman and a fearless explorer.

This is where it all started…

Below you can find various styles from Tom&Drew put together for inspirational purposes.

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