Mimobee AW 2016

Mimobee resets in its sixth season as it looks inward for inspiration for its FW16 Create Re:Create Collection.

Create Re:Create focuses on what we are all made to be: Creators. As kids, there’s boundless energy to make—wild, messy, and a sight to behold—in more ways than one. We take this further and challenge all of us to not just Create, but Re:Create. Continuously. To keep moving onwards and upwards and never be satisfied, even as challenges come our way. Create Re:Create applauds all the big and small people out there who never stop, who keep that sense of wonder and excitement. With this collection, we salute you!

This season, Mimobee adds a contrast—in addition to our staple black and white, we’ve added a bold racing red, and a hot berry color to our palette, in addition to our rocker pink, London blue and cloudy grey. On the design side, we play on ruffles, asymmetrical angles, pleats, and seam finishes to add layers of texture and depth to our pieces. These new colors and design points are complemented by our premium fabrics and quality finishes, as always. And with our low-impact eco-friendly dyeing methods, Mimobee continues to build a reputation for a design-focus as well as quality and comfort. Kids know when they look good, and parents are starting to take notice as well.

Some highlights for this season are the Rocky Sleeveless Hoodie, with a two-way zipper and exaggerated ribbed armhole– tailor made for layering; our Cutaway Layered Sweat has an asymmetrical layered piece that makes a slashing statement; the Vader Hooded Sweat with a tail back and hood is simple but strong; the Sweet Ninja Dress with a turtle neck and hood combo gives off a little sweet and a little sass; and our Random Pleat Tee adds depth to a not so simple tee.

To see Mimobee’s FW16 Collection, please contact Rhubarb Republik at info@rhubarbrepublik.com.