Mói – AW 2018

Imagining a darkened sky filled with Bats, Flies and Ravens is where the Black Moon AW 2018 collection from mói enters. Coming from Iceland, the Fall Winter collection embraces the dark winter known to be long and mysterious with moonlight being a source of inspiration and guidance.

The new collection adds new styles, new prints and new colors. The new prints include Bats and Flies as well as the ever-present Raven, which is the main theme of the brand philosophy and co existence. Black is the main color throughout the collection yet still it is being spiced up with Copper, Blue, Grey and Pale Pink. New styles include Slim and Quart Pants, Cotton Dresses, Open Hoodies and Bomber Jackets.

The prints for this collection are made in collaboration with the New York based Matthew Langille.

Mói is an urban children’s fashion brand originating from Scandinavia. Mói’s primary focus is creating stylish and funky clothes for children with a dash of attitude to inspire sustainable living, being free and of full of desire to make the earth a better place. This is done through certified production methods, which are responsible, ethical and organic.

The urban designs feature comfortable garments that can be used by both genders between 0–12 years of age. The classic designs blended with in-style basics are easy to mix and match and wear with comfort on all occasions whether being über cool, playing or partying.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail at info@rhubarbrepublik.com