Retailer of the Month


Retailer of the Month is Lilla Company from Finland who just added Boys&Girls and NUNUNU to their fantastic selection of brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Jenni from Lilla Company and asked her to introduce herself and her shop.

Who are you: Jenni Uusikartano
Where are you from: From a small town called Valkeakoski, Finland
Where do you live: In a small town called Lempäälä, Finland
Age: I have decided to stay 25 forever 😉

What happened:
What happened is probably the same thing that happens to quite many mothers after having their first child: I completely fell in love with children’s fashion.

So I started to play around with an idea about my own clothing store for cool kids. I have a strong background in marketing and advertising so I wanted to create a web shop that is a bit more professional looking, has a cool vibe and offers something else than every other Finnish web shop that sells clothes for kids.

After doing a whole lot of research, wondering around the internet with no destination, logo designing, html-programming, photoshopping etc. my little company was ready to open its’ virtual doors on August 24th 2011.

At the moment I have a new big project going on: Lilla company will soon be open in English as well and I’m hoping to get customers around Europe. That is the cool thing about web shops: it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, these shops are always open for everyone.

Lilla company has already brought so much joy to my life and I hope I’m able to pass this on to each and every one of my customers!


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