Retailer of the Month

Retailer of the Month is Les Bonnes Manieres from Belgium, who has Oh Baby London, Mina, Tom & Drew and NUNUNU amongst their selection of fantastic brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Sandy and asked her to introduce her and the shop.

Who are you: Sandy Goossens.
Where are you from: Belgium.
Where do you live:  i live in Brussels.
Age: I’m 32.
What happened: I am a fashion designer with a special attraction for original looks and things, passionate about fashion for as long as I remember, but today I direct my attention towards babies and kids. The birth of my adorable twin nieces, combined with my passion for e-shops, are the starting point of this project.

It is supposed to ease parents’ lives, and favor childrens’ comfort by enhancing their charming natures through clothes and accessories.

LES BONNES MANIERES are at the same time the illustration and demonstration of it.
The principle is easy: combine different brands for baby and kids aged 0-6 years on one website, which features originality, humor, and a rock’n roll style.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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