Retailer of the Month – Metkula

Retailer of the Month is Metkula from Finland, who has Mole, Oh Baby London, Boys&Girls, NUNUNU and Solamigos amongst their selection of fantastic brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Hanna and asked her to introduce her and the shop.

Who are you:
My name is Hanna Hirvonen
Where are you from
:  I am originally from southeast Finland (Kuusankoski)
Where do you live:
I live in Helsinki Finland.
Age: 35

What happened: I have always been very keen on fashion and followed what happens in trends all my life. I have three years old daughter and with her naturally the children’s clothing business became very familiar to me.  Our children’s clothing on-line store Metkula is owned by Hansan Oy, where I operate as a business partner and with my lovely and talented team I am responsible of the fashion business branch.

Our strategy with on-line store Metkula is to bring new interesting brands and also to broaden sales with the much liked present ones, which have their faithful cliental.  So to say, new pearls from across Europe are more than welcome to our offering.

We sell clothes for children from age zero up to twelve. Starting in spring 2013 we will also bring to the markets maternity clothes and some top brand children shoes. Our on-line store offers something for everyone: there are classic and beautiful timeless clothes but also bolder rock-style products and very cute and charming fabrics for children and babies not forgetting traditional bright and brisk print patterns. We have invested a lot for babies and there is their own “baby closet” at Metkula on-line store, where you find everything lovely for the smallest ones.

Welcome to our shop