Retailer of the Month

Retailer of the Month is Purestarters from The Netherlands who just added Shampoodle, OrganicZoo and Boys&Girls to their fantastic selection of brands.

Rhubarb Republik contacted Eugenie Bulten from Purestarters and asked her to introduce herself and her shop.

Who are you: Eugenie Bulten, mother of 3, partner of 1 and owner of Purestarters
Where do you live: Amstelveen near Amsterdam (Holland)
Age: 34

What happened: Sometime after the birth of our second daughter, i strongly felt that i was ready to start my own business. Having children actually also changed our lifestyle. We became more aware of humanitarian and environmental issues and i think it’s important to be conscious of what we’re buying and where it comes from.

Baby-and childrens stuff as well as marketing, and internet, has always been my passion so the most logical step for me was to start a webshop with ethical kids fashion and accessories. The whole product range is fashionable&stylish, fairtrade, pure, non-toxic, organic and often made from recycled materials. And certainly not boring!

At this moment I am very happy with and the combination of working for myself and taking care of our 3 children. Who by the way are the best judges of the products. The webshop is still growing and I am always looking out for new brands which fit in the Purestarters philosophy.  is not just another webshop jumping on the green bandwagon but one that aims to create a wider value. People who care about the world and want to find and purchase high quality and beautiful products can now find them on I love the products on and sincerely hope you love them too!


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