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AKID – SS 2018
AKID - SS 2018

  The new SS 2018 collection by AKID is now available to preorder. Serial entrepreneur Ashleigh Dempster and her street wear guru husband Matt George (think Stussy, Ransom, Nomad and Goodfoot) launched AKID footwear after failing to find unique stylish shoes for their toddler son. AKID shoes are specifically designed for children aged 2 – […]

OMAMImini – SS 2018
OMAMImini - SS 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new OMAMImini SS18 collection “The Kids are Amazing” Kids are amazing. They’re smart, strong, kind and fearless. They’re honest. They’re super flexible. They’re open to all things new.  They want to try everything (unless it’s a vegetable). We really look up to them, a lot.  We thought we should let them know how […]

Mói – SS 2018
Mói - SS 2018

Mói just launched their SS 2018 collection called “Observation from Above” The dark, mysterious Raven has been vastly depicted in literature throughout the ages. In some parts of the world the Raven’s presence indicates good fortune. The Raven is believed to have a strong sense of glimmering colors when observing from above. The new collection […]

Zebra I can See – SS 2018
Zebra I can See - SS 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new Zebra I can See SS18 collection “Magic Truth” To be honest, it took time and experience to disclose the real meaning of Zebra and realize it’s hidden in collaboration with our customers – children. Lately we had few painting sessions with children at green school of Waldorf.  We observed, collected […]

NUNUNU – SS 2018
NUNUNU - SS 2018

It is our pleasure to launch nununu’s SS 2018 collection which is by far one of their richest and varied collections yet. SS 2018 consists of a surprising collaboration between nununu and talented artist Shay Id Alony, it is filled with tons of new styles and adaptations to older ones and mostly – it is compiled from a few […]

2RU2RA – SS 2018
2RU2RA - SS 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new 2RU2RA SS18 collection “KIDS WITH AN ATTITUDE” 2RU2RA, a much-loved brand from Lithuania, continues its progressive and witty tradition in yet another collection for kids. Known for its printed anatomical and animalistic designs, this time 2RU2RA comes back with a dose of minimalism, colored in black, white and red and […]

Mummymoon – SS 2018
Mummymoon - SS 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new Mummymoon SS18 collection “TAKE IT EASY” Straight to the moon and back. Some things are routine and some things in routine appear to be cosmic. It’s exactly what happens with Mummymoon dress. This time Mummymoon welcomes SS18 with the collection named “Take it easy” containing of 36 new pieces. […]

Carbon Soldier – SS 2018
Carbon Soldier - SS 2018

The amazing Carbon Soldier just launched their SS 2018 collection called “The Magpies” An Indian ink and watercolor work by New Zealand artist Ella quaint was the inspiration behind Carbon Soldiers spring summer 2018 collection ‘The Magpies’.   The original print appears on crisp cottons and in detailed embroideries, the bird’s  rich feathery elements complemented by […]