OMAMImini – AW 2018
OMAMImini - AW 2018

The new OMAMImini AW2018 collection is now available to preorder.  Do you know how most kids are always running (rather than walking), always on the move and never ever sit still (unless you’re super late and need them to get going)? They literally jump for joy when happy and fidget impatiently when they have to […]

Carbon Soldier – AW 2018
Carbon Soldier - AW 2018

Rosettes, sashes and ribbons weave their way throughout Carbon Soldier’s latest  collection ‘Best in Show’.   A nod to awards, whether they be equestrian inspired, as seen in the whimsical separates, or simply to bestow upon your own tiny recipient. Black, brown, olive and wedgwood combine in classic cuts with creative detailing, and rich textures in […]

Loud Apparel – AW 2018
Loud Apparel - AW 2018

Standing true to the unique character that makes the brand so distinctive, quirky and cutting edge since the start, LOUD Apparel delivers a fresh and exciting new AW18 Collection “Handle with Care”. With the AW18 “Handle with Care” collection you will find yourself in the setting of your local vintage laundrette; bold graphics with a […]

Mói – AW 2018
Mói - AW 2018

Imagining a darkened sky filled with Bats, Flies and Ravens is where the Black Moon AW 2018 collection from mói enters. Coming from Iceland, the Fall Winter collection embraces the dark winter known to be long and mysterious with moonlight being a source of inspiration and guidance. The new collection adds new styles, new prints […]

Elements of Basic – SS 2018
Elements of Basic - SS 2018

We are proud to present our new brand partner in women’s fashion, Elements of Basic. Elements of Basic (EOB) is a brand dedicated to creating an everyday basic look, fit for every hour and occasion. Our inspiration are women that like to dress comfortably and want to wear clothes with a statement Elements of Basic […]

AKID – AW 2018
AKID - AW 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents AKID and their new AW 2018 collection, MILK. Serial entrepreneur Ashleigh Dempster and her street wear guru husband Matt George (think Stussy, Ransom, Nomad and Goodfoot) launched AKID footwear after failing to find unique stylish shoes for their toddler son. AKID shoes are specifically designed for children aged 2 – 8 […]

Wolf&Rita – AW 2018
Wolf&Rita - AW 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents the new collaboration with Wolf&Rita and the launch of their new AW 2018 collection FOLK N’ROLL. This season’s collection is colourfully inspired by Portuguese folklore and popular traditions. In Podence, in the Northern region of Portugal, the reveller Caretos appear every Carnival, running through the streets dressed in suits made of […]

Little Man Happy – AW 2018
Little Man Happy - AW 2018

Rhubarb Republik proudly presents; Little Man Happy and their new AW18 collection, Adventurous Hearts. Wandering in the elds and woods, no time to waste with second thoughts, no hesitation. We are together, untamed, curious and full of energy. We run until there is no house in sight anymore. No matter the weather, no clouds, no […]